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Daily Telegraph 19th Nov

Don't block new rural homes, David Cameron tells Tories


Conservatives should stop opposing countryside planning reforms because changes will help children get ahead in life, says Prime Minister


Countryside Tories should stop opposing the Coalition’s controversial planning reforms because the changes will allow their children to get ahead in life, David Cameron has suggested.

The Prime Minister said that the changes to the planning system will allow people to “achieve their dream of home ownership”.

The boost in the number of housing developments beginning as a result of the new planning rules will help to create a “socially mobile opportunity society”, Mr Cameron added.

His comments came after he last week said that he agreed with comments made by Sir John Major, the former Prime Minister, who warned that there has been a “collapse in social mobility” in Britain.

Mr Cameron’s remarks will anger countryside campaigners, who say that the changes have led to unwanted development on some of Britain’s most precious rural landscapes.

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When is David Cameron going to get it. His core voters and his donors are leaving in their droves for UKIP.
The current planning crisis leaves our local councillors between a rock and a hard place with Eric Pickles breathing down their necks and speculators taking advantage of the planning loophole.
This leaves all of us feeling angry but powerless.

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